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General Hospital Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (June 3-14, 2024): Anna Prepares To Takedown Valentin

General Hospital Spoilers - Anna- Valentin

In the upcoming episodes, Sonny gets blamed for the shootout at Jason in the warehouse, point General Hospital Spoilers. But is he really guilty of it? Meanwhile, Anna makes a discovery that leaves her stunned. Also, watch out for Finn completely getting out of control after the stumping loss of his father.

General Hospital Spoilers (June 3-7,2024): Sonny On The Hot Seat For Attacking Jason, Kristina and Blaze Fight

The week starts with Carly grilling Sonny over what nasty plans he has in mind for Jason. General Hospital Spoilers reveal that once the news about Jason’s warehouse attack spreads, Anna also grills Sonny over his possible involvement in the firing. But then she makes a stunning discovery. Could it be about Pikeman’s involvement in the attack?

General Hospital spoilers - Sonny
GH/ Is Sonny really guilty of attacking Jason?

Elsewhere, Kristina rips into Blaze for filling Molly’s ears about how Sonny attacked Dex. The heated confrontation blows up into a huge fight and throws Blaze off her game at her recording.

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that across town, Drew catches Carly off-guard when he tells her about his political aspirations. He might even tell her about backing up Nina with Willow. Speaking of them, in the upcoming episodes Willow may surprise Nina by asking for a catchup session!

General Hospital Spoilers - Carly - Drew
GH/ Drew fills Carly in on his political moves

Finn’s New Alcohol Crisis, Trina Faces A Difficult Situation

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Finn continues to spiral downward during the week of June 3-7, 2024. He refuses Lizz’s offer to depend on her for support. Does that mean he is hoping to get that support in alcohol bottles? Probably! Because Jake makes some shocking discovery later on. Maybe he bumps into a drunk Finn and informs Liz about it.

General Hospital spoilers - Finn
GH/ Finn depends on alcohol to cope

At the Metro Court, Trina has an unsettling encounter. Thankfully, Gio is there to jump to her rescue. General Hospital Spoilers spill that Joss to rushes to Trina’s support. The atmosphere soon changes when Dex arrives with an invitation. Could it be an invitation for a date with Joss? If so, will she accept?

General Hospital Spoilers (June 10-14, 2024): Anna Is Ready To Rip Down Valentin & Pikeman

During the week of June 10-14, 2024, Anna continue to investigate the discovery she made earlier. General Hospital Spoilers point that once she is certain, she prepares to takedown Valentin as the current head of Pikeman! We wonder what this would mean for Vanna!

General Hospital spoilers - Anna- Valentin
GH/Anna is on to Valentin and Pikeman

Meanwhile, Finn’s downward spiral with alcohol could lead him to a grim fate. GH spoilers point that there are chances of him getting involved in a drunk accident. Will that end up claiming his life? Tell us in the comments.

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